More than 15 years of experience

Our company, Consulenza HUN-IT Kft. has over 15 years of experience in the Hungarian and International markets. We support our customers work with our accurate and reliable services. We had to collaborate with various forms of companys with different areas of activity. Your bookkeeping, preparated by our staff, always will be up to date and accurate because of the intelligibility and personal contact.

To help our customers on the right way, we participate in continuous training and courses, so the changes in the law will never surprise us and your business.

The best professionals

  • Strategic consulting and administrative
    The experience and the contacts what we get in recent years, enable us to help our clients on a professional way in the following areas:

    – Create a new company
    – Realization and analysis of balance sheets
    – Management of properties
    – Develop a Business Plan
    – Merger, division, delegation or purchase of companys

  • Tax and accounting advice
    We help our partners with the tax and accounting requirements in the manner specified in the legislation and give accurate information on the following areas:

    – National and international taxation
    – Tax Audit
    – Executive pay
    – Selection of workers

Registration the accounting datas of the company.
Tax consultancy
The choice of the best solutions to avoid unnecessary costs.
We help to our partners to read and understand the necessary documents in their native language.


Finally i found a reliable business consultant in Hungary.
A person to be entrusted with the accounting management of my company, who keeps me informed and has always effectively respond to my needs.

Taylor Graham

A reliable and professional team who equally pay attention to all their clients.
With their help and suggestions I have found the best solutions in my own business.

Jennifer Heuser

A reliable accountant’s office, which specializes in the import-export business.
Timely and accurate partners. A great help in an emerging new company.

Alex Morris